How to Become a Home Designer

How to Become a Home Designer

The occupation of a home designer is generally to assist in the designing of a home. In some cases a home designer may also assist in the construction process as well. A person in this role can help to make important decisions regarding the layout for rooms, determine how best to remodel or construct an addition to a home, or decide on the most effective method to decorate a home. A person who works in this role will be very familiar with current trends and styles in furniture, appliances, flooring, countertops, lighting, and paint. Many times a home designer will work closely with architects, interior designers, and builders as they develop the final plan for the new design of the home.

There are many career options that are available to those who have a degree in the field of interior design. These include being an architectural engineer, a civil and environmental engineer, a lighting designer, a product specialist, and a plumbing contractor. In some states there are certification programs available for home designers. This includes a certificate in residential design and construction. These programs are intended to give students the skills they need to enter the contracting industry.

There are also many specialty areas of expertise within the field of residential property. These include heating and cooling systems, architecture and design, foundation and flooring, interior cabinets and furnishings, and plumbing. Almost all interior designers will have some sort of training in these areas of expertise. Those who have formal training in these areas may be qualified to work independently in their own business while working under the supervision of an architectural engineer.

In addition to the field of home designers there are many different specialties within this profession. These include landscape architects, builders, and acousticians. Landscape architects will often take on the role of designing the exterior of homes as well as the landscaping and plant life within living spaces. Builders will create customized homes, master plans, and specifications.

Many interior designers will seek employment with real estate developers, private contractors, and architects. These individuals may choose to get a certificate in residential design or gain employment as an architectural technician. The certificate program will be completed in six months and students can expect to learn about the basics of residential design along with the application of design principles.

Home designers will work closely with engineers, designers, and architects while doing their job. They will spend several years learning about the interior design profession. Home designers who successfully pursue this profession can expect to make at least forty thousand dollars a year. This amount of money may not be anything close to what several years of experience in the field will earn but home designers can enjoy a high rate of income and security. Some individuals begin their careers as entry-level employees and later move up to management positions.