Architectura y Competencia Commercial – Y en Este

Architectura y Competencia Commercial – Y en Este

Architecture is the art and the technical process of building, designing, and planning buildings or other structures with an intention of sustaining its aesthetic and functional qualities over a period of time. Architectural works, at the broadest level, are usually perceived to be artistic works and as visual communicative statements. It involves a variety of human activities such as designing, planning and constructing. In some parts of the world architecture is used as a profession while in others it is used as a hobby.

Art and architecture schools provide education and practice related to the techniques and scientific aspects of this creative field. The field of art and architecture was defined by the French Revolution as the “leisurely and fashionable” application of technical knowledge to the design of particular buildings and spaces for public use. In modern times, architectural design covers the entire gamut from residential housing to high-rise office buildings. Architectural experts involved in the discipline are required to hold a degree from a recognized architectural university or school. The architecture industry also requires highly trained personnel, who have a thorough understanding of technical, budgetary and sustainability issues. Architectural graduates can work for architectural firms, governmental agencies, private companies and consultancies.

Architects must take into consideration the practical aspects as well as the aesthetic ones while designing buildings. They are required to have a good command over the relevant technical languages like CAD/CAM, ACAD, SQL, PHP, etc. and should posses good leadership skills. These professionals have to plan, organize and control all the key elements that make up an architectural project. They are responsible for incorporating all the designing, planning and coordinating activities of all their team members in accordance to the laid down plan.

Architects are not only found in buildings but are also involved in the construction of malls, parks, monuments, bridges, theme parks, educational institutions, residential communities, corporate offices and even commercial real estate projects. They provide their expertise in the field of sustainable building design, environmental planning, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. They also play a key role in ensuring that the built environment is safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing for the residents. Architects are categorized into different sub-groups such as building, landscape architecture, interior designing, building science, industrial designing, and building communications.

Architects form an important part of our society who contribute in improving the quality of life. In fact, they form the driving force that shapes our future by creating unique designing buildings, structures and spaces that become the essence of a town. Architects not only provide the blueprint for new structures, but they also play a vital role in ensuring that these buildings function properly and are accident free.

A good architect can solve many problems by his creative thinking and innovative approach to design and construction. This can be seen in the attractive designs that he/she presents to his client. Good architects always strive to fulfill the expectations of their clients and create buildings that are structurally efficient, economical, safe and environmentally friendly. Architecture can be defined as the use of applied arts to reap practical benefits and meet the needs of the social, cultural and political development of a region. It has become an integral part of the development process and contributes in the creation of an efficient, creative and aesthetic city.