An Interior Designer’s Job Description

An Interior Designer’s Job Description

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If you are a professional home designer, or plan on entering the industry, you should know that certification is a crucial part of getting your foot in the door. In order to be hired by top-name companies, you have to have some skill and knowledge of design and construction techniques. Otherwise, what good will your qualifications be worth to them? Certification helps you to build a profile and list of knowledgeable clients. When potential employers search for designers they will be looking for a portfolio that is representative of your work experience and expertise. By having your credentials and certifications listed along with your project work, you increase the value of your resume and will be considered for more jobs, higher compensation, and faster growth opportunities.

If you plan on working as a home designer, then having a combination of skills and certifications is essential to getting into the business. First, you must demonstrate that you have the technical skills necessary to complete some simple and basic design projects. Some of these skills include carpentry, woodworking, paint spraying, masonry, furniture upholstery, electrical, and carpentry tools. You may want to work with an associate in one or more of these areas so that you can build your portfolio first before moving into more difficult designs.

Secondly, you must build a portfolio of your best projects. Some of these may include residential, commercial, or industrial design projects. You may want to focus on one area of these projects to begin your career as a home designer. In order to be a successful home designer, you must be skilled in the design of residential living spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens and floors. Most architects will tell you that interior designers are often less detail oriented and can more easily visualize the end product.

Many architects will also tell you that many successful home designers have an academic degree and/or a Masters degree in architecture. Having a Master’s degree can open up many doors in terms of getting into higher paying and more prestigious positions such as architectural firm manager. The types of projects that many interior designers are involved in include bathroom renovation, kitchen renovations, flooring remodel and remodeling the home itself. The best architectural firms tend to hire an architectural assistant who works closely with the architectural director. The assistant not only assists the director with large scale design projects but may also assist the director with smaller projects that require more time.

You should expect to work with an assortment of individuals throughout your career as a home designer. Architectural firms will hire you as an assistant and often assign an architectural assistant to your projects. You will also need to develop relationships with construction firms, contractors and other local businesses. As an interior designer, you will be responsible for providing clients with a living space that is functional and meets the needs of their family.